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Review | Alienated | by Melissa Landers

What's about ?  Sharing the same DNA with a foreign species wasn't something what mankind expected when the aliens made contact two years ago. But Aelyx isn't much more human than his appearance, what Cara finds out during the first... Continue Reading →


Review | Opposition | by Jennifer L. Armentrout

What's about ?  ~Opposition~ Everything seemed to get better: Bethany, Katy, Dawson, Dee and Daemon were safe and all together. Exept the worst thing happend they could have ever imagined: the Luxen have arrived on Earth, not in a pretty... Continue Reading →

Review | My Life Next Door | by H. Fitzpatrick

What's about ? Samantha actually couldn't ask for more in her life: she is living in a huge house with her mom, who is highly politically active and her sister Tracy. She has a wonderful best friend who she knows... Continue Reading →

Review | Maybe Someday | Colleen Hoover

What's about ?  At 22 years old, Sydney goes her own way of life: with her best friend Tori she shares an apartement, she's in love with her boyfriend Hunter, going to college and having a pleasent job. Nothing can ruin... Continue Reading →

Review | Born at Midnight | by C. C. Hunter

What's about ?  Shadow Falls Camp isn't really a normal camp for teenagers. From the outside it's maybe a camp for criminals, but from the inside there are living all mysterious creatures which exist on the world like witches, fairies,... Continue Reading →

Review | Until Friday Night | by Abbi Glines

What's about ?  After this horrible moment two years ago Maggie decide not to talk anymore. To anyone. It's her shield to protect herself avoiding every confrontation with her past again. No one should ever ask her anything again what... Continue Reading →

Review | November 9 | by Colleen Hoover

What's about ?  Ben and Fallon meet for the first time at the age of 18 at a restaurant. It's Fallons last day in L.A. and although they're completely strangers to each other they decide to spend the day together.... Continue Reading →

Review | Ugly Love | by Colleen Hoover

What's about ?  Tate Collins just moved to her brother in San Francisco when she meets Miles Archer in front of her apartment. Tate isn't really in the mood for a real relationship after her last and so isn't Miles.... Continue Reading →

Review | Origin | by Jennifer L. Armentrout

What's about ?  The mission was about to save Bethany and getting out as fast as possible. But being caught wasn't a part of it. And being caught by Daedalus isn't funny. Not in the least. Katy needs to face... Continue Reading →

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