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Canadian boys, Italian people & Me

*For any questions just comment below or write me via my Contact me page !* The last May was packed full with a trip to Rome, two concerts, one bachelor party and one wedding. For one month it is pretty much but... Continue Reading →


Why I don’t make TBR lists for a month

Heey guys, how are you ? 🙂 In this post I'd like to explain why I usually dont make a 'to be read- list' for a month. I know that everyone of you or almost everyone is doing that at... Continue Reading →

9/11 or 11/9: Days of mouring

At first I wanna say this post is just representing my opinion. If someone feels insulted by this post, let me know in the comments or tell me how you think about this topic here. So, Donald J. Trump is going... Continue Reading →

Holidays, Shawn Mendes and other problems

On this blog I've written actually only reviews for you but I thought I should also write and tell you about things beside my obssesion for books. Soo, welcome to my new category ''My stuff'' 🙂  Holidays just started on Friday... Continue Reading →

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