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The last May was packed full with a trip to Rome, two concerts, one bachelor party and one wedding. For one month it is pretty much but after I finished almost all of my A-Level exams, all theses things were like a reward for my hard ‘brain’ work. 😀 But let me tell you more about my May:

So, after I finished my three written exams I didn’t had to go to school anymore for now 8 weeks which meant a lot of free time for me ! The first thing I did in my free time was going to my aunts bachelor party her best friend organized over the last few months. I thought at first I would feel totally out of place with my 18 years around women of the age 30+ but it was really a great day and we had a lot of fun. We had many great plans we could have done like a trip to Amsterdam or renting a small house and just partying. But in the end we decided to make a photo shooting and go to a show where most of all bachelor parties end: a strip show. More precisely the “Thunder From Down Under” strip show from Australia. We laughed so much and it was totally worth it.

Not even a week later my trip to Rome started with four of my best friends and we had such a great time there that we already started missing this city on our last day we were still there. We visited all important places you should visit when you are in Rome like the Colosseum, the Vatican museums, the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Forum Romanum. For the Forum Romanum we got a guide tour for free because we just asked which way to take and the guy, his name is Matt and I’m pretty sure he’s American, just said we could come with him on his tour. Matt, if you’re reading this, thank you very much for this free tour ! haha

Beside our sightseeing we ate. A LOT. Pizza and pasta was our nummer one food for these 8 days and everytime it was different and reeaallyy good ! The best ice cream, at least for me, was nearby the vatican but unfortunately I can’t remeber the name of the Gelateria. :/

Being back home for one day my friend asked me already before my trip if I wanna go to a concert with her of a band she really likes. Okay ‘loves’ is a much better word. The band is from Canada and called “Marianas Trench” and theiy’re making really good pop/rock music everyon can listen to. My friend even caught the plectrum the front man, Josh Ramsay threw into the crowd and she was the happiest girl in the whole world at this moment.

But my personal highlight of this month was seeing Shawn Mendes live on his ‘Illuminate World Tour’ !!! I’ve been waiting sooo long for this moment and thinking back to November where I actually planned to buy the tickets I haven’t found anyone who would like to attend this concert, I got so much luck that they added more to this show. I made like 130 pictures and videos ! The next time I want to attend a concert and no one wants to join me, I’ll just go alone like one of my friends once did. 😀

Yes, this was my May and if you made it to the end I wanna thank you so much for reading ! ♥