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What’s about ?

Greg Gaines survival plan for his last year at high school worked pretty well: get involved with every group that exists at school but never build a real friendship with them. This keeps away al problem and disappointments in his life. His life taught him enough to know what he is doing but one thing he hadn’t forsee: his mom who forces him to hang out with Rachel Kushner.

Rachel just got diagnosed with leukemia and the last thing she wants to do is hanging out with Greg. But Greg and his called collegue Earl are subborn and try to make the best thing with their time together, even if they don’t know each other so well. Eating icecream and watching Greg and Earl’s awful selfmade movies Greg slowly comes out of his comfort zone and starts to change jis life completely.

My opinion:

This book was hilarious. It is actually a book Greg himselves tries to write and at the begining it was a really fun read and I really enjoyed it. Gregs character is one you first have to get used to but I liked him because his decisions all somehow make sence and it was fascinating seeing his life through his eyes. But some scenes in his story were unnecessary to mention and after the half of the book Greg’s cool quotes turned out not so funny anymore.

One character I really, really liked was Earl. Despite his sexist comments, which very misplaced, he seems to be a really cool guy. He’s actually the only one who is more like a realist and cares for exmaples his future life, not like Greg. The best thing about Earl is his family. His brothers are all badly- behaved, disrespectful and anti- social people you absolutely don’t want to hang out with. But they are so funny in their own way, it’s amazing.

And last but not least, there is Rachel. When I bought this book I didn’t know what’s about and when I read that there’s a girl who got leukemia, I just thought: “Not again a cancer book!” And I was relieved and happy that it isn’t one because I’ve read now a few and this topic is pretty worn out. We don’t find out so much about Rachel, what’s pretty sad because I’d like to know her better.

If you’re a fast reader and want to get out of your reading slump, this book solves pretty well your problem. Don’t make the same mistake like me reading it only part by part for over one whole month.

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