Heey guys, how are you ? 🙂

In this post I’d like to explain why I usually dont make a ‘to be read- list’ for a month. I know that everyone of you or almost everyone is doing that at the end of a month considering which books to read in the next one. It’s not that I don’t like this concept. I actually really like it to have  an overview over my books, planing which one I want read pretty soon and somehow challenging myself on how many books I can read in one month.

But that’s the point. During the last year or so I got that feeling that by making lists and having to post quite regulary on Instagram that I have to and not  want to read books. I mean sure, I’m buying all my books because I really want to read all these stories and learn to know new characters and their worlds. But this magic feeling you always get while reading a book faded time to time. Am I reading the wrong books ? Are there even wrong or right books ?

I don’t know. It feels like a mix  of a reading slump and the desire of reading. 😀  But mostly I am not doing these lists because I never know exactly how much time I have for reading. I’m now in my last school year and have like three months left and its getting really stressful. I’d like to read like five books per month to shrink my whole TBR list. It’s really HUGE. haha But there’s no time for that.

I just created recently one TBR list but for the whole year. I got books on my shelves for over a year or even longer and I swore that I’ll read all these books on my list this year. If I won’t manage to read them all, then I know I won’t read them ever.

If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram and was just wondering why I never made these TBR’s now you know it. And if you’re not a follower, you still know it.

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