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What’s about ?

With the age of 23  Lily has made it in her life: she went to college, moved to Boston and started her own buissnes. With her new boyfriend Ryle Kincaid, who is perfect in every way, her whole life seems complete. But one thing she can never really leave behind: her past.

Coined by violence her childhood wasn’t one of the best but there is one person who was a long time by her side: Atlas. Atlas is the homeless boy next door, who tried to protect Lily as much as he can. Haven’t seen each other for years they suddenly meet again and Lily has to face her past again and questions if she made the right choices in life.

My opinion: 

*This review contains a few spoilers so if you don’t know what happened in #IEWU read at your own risk ;)* 

When you hear the name ‘Lily’ you start to think about a little girl. This isn’t only Lily’s opinion but also mine that’s why I had to struggle somthimes to imagine an actual grow up woman of the age of 23. But now let’s talk about the plot.

I don’t know where to start, so I’ll start with my favorite character: Atlas Corrigan. Atlas is like God himself in person. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but serious he’s perfect ! You learn to know him as the boy who lived in that old house beside Lily’s without water, electricity or even without a heater. Nowadays almost nobody would think about helping him out but Lily did it and that’s the best decision she made. Atlas knows how difficult Lily it has living at home with her parents and I love it how he tries to make the best in this situation.

Lily Bloom (yep, that’s really her name) is the person I really admire in this book. Although she had an aweful childhood and many of us would maybe break apart because of that, she made it through it, went to college and  followed her passion for the nature and opened an own flower shop. You see the irony ?  😀 She’s such a nice and inteligent girl so I don’t understand how she could meet Ryle.

Yeah, Ryle Kincaid is a neurosurgeon, is smart, charming, funny, sensitive and he even listen when you talk with him and I’m really sorry for what happened in his past BUT, the big but, if someone would treat me like Ryle treats Lily sometimes I’d leave him. But I know how difficult it is for women like Lily to leave their husbands or boyfriends and CoHo showed it to us even more with the book.

At the end I only have one thing I was quite dissappointed about: actually in every CoHo book there’s something like a plot twist or something that shocks you but there never came such an extrem situation like this. Or did I overread something ?? If yes tell me !! 😮

Okay that’s a really long review but if you’ve read it till the end: Congratulations ! You made it ! For more questions about the book just comment below 🙂