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What’s about ? 

Several clairvoyants told Blue that kissing her true love will kill him. That’s why she follows two rules: Stay away from boys. And second especially stay away from Aglionby boys because they’re bastards.

Blue always lived in Henrietta with her psychic family where everyone except Blue can predict the future in one way or another. Every year at St. Marks Eve she helps her mom to see every person who’ll die in the next twelve months. This year something happened what never happend before: She could see one of them. A boy wiht a Aglionby shirt whose name is Gansey. Aglionby is a private school which Gansey and his friends Adam, Ronan and Noah attend.

Even if her rule says to stay away from them, life gets them all together to help Gansey on a special quest and a race against time.

My opinion:

At the beginnig the book was really low paced. Sure, every book has and needs an introduction to the world it’s playing but I got that feling that this ‘introduction’ took too long. Like over 150 pages or so. The good thing about it was that it didn’t get annoying from page to page and you still enjoyed reading it. Before I’ve read ‘The Raven Boys’ I saw that already many of you were reading it or finished the whole series recently. (By the way for you who don’t know about it, ‘The Raven Cycle’ comprises four books all in all. The last, ‘The Raven King’ released recently.)

Like everyone else I got my expectations but I could’ve never guessed what the book is really about. Don’t worry there will be no spoilers in this review ! 🙂 

I expected the book to be like a high-school-love drama. I just saw the cover with this title and I thought: A boy group who look really dangerous. There has to be drama and trouble. There is drama and trouble in this book but not the way I thought about it. It’s not a typical everyday story with a foreseeable love story. Not at all. Clairvoyants, magic, creepy ravens and a scary forecast are what make this book so unbelievable thrillig.

The POV in every chapter is like jumping from character to character. Actually I’m not such huge fan of a book written from different POV’s but this is different. With every chapter you go along with the story and you find out about details which you wouldn’t have known by reading only from for example only Blues POV.

I enjoyed reading this book with every chapter more and more and at the end I couldn’t stop before I found out how it’ll end… or not end. 😉

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