On this blog I’ve written actually only reviews for you but I thought I should also write and tell you about things beside my obssesion for books. Soo, welcome to my new category ”My stuff” 🙂 

Holidays just started on Friday and instead of being relaxed and enjoying  my free time I’ve to face my biggest problems: homeworks. I know I shouldn’t complain about it because I’ve enough time for doing them but, I have to do a biology presentation (an important one because it helps me to prepare for my  A-Levels), a sport and a french presentation AND I need to learn for two exams ! That’s why I’m staying at bed as long as possible so I don’t have to face all of these.



In May 2017 Shawn Mendes will come to my town on his lluminate Tour and I’m soo excited and I’d like to attend this concert but almost non of my friends would like to join me :/  *laying on bed and crying* However, I know people form all over the world, or only 3 hours away from me :P, who could go with me !!!! I never was on a real concert and I’m 18 years old, so either something’s wrong with me or I just like staying at home. (It’s the second 😉 )

It’s Sunday rigtht now and my little brother wants to play ‘Beyblade’ with me so I’m being a nice sister and doing it. Hope you have a great day !

Yours Daniela