What’s about ? 

Sharing the same DNA with a foreign species wasn’t something what mankind expected when the aliens made contact two years ago. But Aelyx isn’t much more human than his appearance, what Cara finds out during the first L’heir exchange program.  Living with an alien has its pros and cons like an organization against aliens who makes Caras life living hell which leads to being escorted by the military to school. For Aelyx this scenario would be great because nothing despises him more than a coexistence with mankind. However that changes while his recent feelings for Cara developed. Now they have to find a way how to stop the protests and making a coexistence possible.

My opinion:

Guys, ALIENS are the new VAMPIRES ! Really ! Everyone still remembers (I hope so) how Bella and Edward introduced us to the world of vampires and how “The Vampire Diaries” became highly popular. But Aliens… Aliens should be our new best friends. Frankly, not so long ago, I wasn’t so much into all these aliens stories and Sc-Fi in general. But I should’ve been a looong time ago. Do you want to know why ? Let me tell you something about Aelyx.

Aelyx, as far as you know from the plot above, is an alien exchange student from L’heir. Perhaps he’s looking human, still he isn’t. On planet L’heir they can communicate through their mind with each other and almost everyone is a clone from someone in the past. I mean, how cool is that ?! Okay, maybe it isn’t so cool seeing clones of someone who died and you liked him/her but you know it isn’t the person. They have no diseases, no war and hardly any violence.

Aside from the fact that they have a planet looking very depressing and wearing all the same haircut and clothes, inhabitants from L’heir are awesome ! With their technology they could help mankind with their economical problems and bring peace all over the world. But should I tell you what makes this book much more interesting to read ?  People who despises the L’heir and where only military can help to prevent them from doing something really bad.

Melissa Landers wrote a spacetastic- fantastic story and I’m really late for saying that, because I’m sure many others already said that, but you HAVE TO read it ! There is already a second and third book, which is releasing tomorrow (02.08.2016) and which I’m eager to read how’s going on and how it will end.

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