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Everything seemed to get better: Bethany, Katy, Dawson, Dee and Daemon were safe and all together. Exept the worst thing happend they could have ever imagined: the Luxen have arrived on Earth, not in a pretty way. And what is even worse is that Daemon, Dawson and Dee had joined them, and let Katy and Beth alone. Katy has always feared this moment to happen and was both, scared and excited to know, which side Daemon would take. Being seperated from each other they still have to find out together who the real enemy here is and  how to fight them.


Daemon wasn’t the first Luxen who fell in love with a human. His brother Dawson made this supposed mistake a long time ago, falling in love with Bethany Williams. Bethany found out pretty fast that Dawson was the polite one of the two Black brothers. She didn’t want to fall in love so fast after just moving to petersburg, but his eyes mesmerized her so much which led to falling in love for each other. Dawsons family knew which consequenses were joined to this relationship, so they tried everything to prevent it. However Dawson and Bethany are strong, what makes them more dangerous.


My opinion: 


That was an intense last book to a fantastic series. I can’t praise and thank Jennifer L. Armentrout enough for such a turbulent and shocking story with an happy ending everyone has dreamt of. (I hope that wasn’t such a huge spoiler, although I suspect you havent assume something else 😉 ) I don’t want to displease all lovers of this book, who also includes me, and the author it self, but I still had a divided opinion about it sometimes.

While reading the story of Katy and Daemon and the invading Luxen I had quite the feeling there was someting missing. I absolutely can’t tell you what it is, just that it is missing there. Do you remember the fight in Las Vegas in “Origin” ? That was such a plot twist, or let me say, that was much more thriling, than the fight with [SMALL SPOILER] the Arum, the Luxen and the humans together.

Of course there are moments which made up for that and which made me fall in love with Katy, Daemon and them all, all over again.

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Dawson and Bethany are now official my No. 2 favorite couple of this whole series, right after Daemon and Katy of course. 😉 I mean, do you know how adorable they were when they just met ? No ?! Then you HAVE TO read it ! Their relationship is everything every girl would dream of, exept the bad and dangerous alien thing. Furthermore you can find out how Daemon and Dee acted around Dawson when he fell in love with Bethany, which were at all my favorites scenes in this prequel.

This prequel made me much more excited to read “Oblivion” ,which is just “Obsidian” but from Daemons POV by the way 🙂 . You should definetly read it !!!