What’s about ?

Samantha actually couldn’t ask for more in her life: she is living in a huge house with her mom, who is highly politically active and her sister Tracy. She has a wonderful best friend who she knows since childhood and everything seems to be like she is a normal teenage girl with a normal family. But thats only a facade.

Her single-parent Mom is a selfish perfectionist and focuses only on her political activities. For her daughters she only wants the best without any silly distractions. Distractions like the Garretts.

Samanthas Mom knew already ten years ago when the Garretts with their eight kids moved right next to them, they would only be a chaotic, messy and irresponisble family. For Samantha they are an escape from her own life. Secretly she watches them every night from her window until Jase Garrett takes her one night out of her world and into his for a new adventure.

My opinion:

The Garretts are such a unique family. Not only because of their many children but also because they manage to do everything in such a huge family without any ‘big’ problems. Sure, we should consider and ask Mrs. and Mr. Garrettt why they got so many children, because it definetly wasn’t really wise of them and somehow I can’t believe Mrs. Garretts reason that it’s just because she “loves kids”. This choice doesn’t only affect them, but also the children themselves in every financial and socially way. That’s one point why this story doesn’t really sound realistic in that way, but hey ? Which story does sounds really realisitc ?

The character which I have properly despised in this book was Samanthas mother. A mother should love her kids in spite of their dreams they want to achieve. Regarding Tracys and Samanthas mother, she is the total opposite of this person. From the begining of their childhood their mom tried everything to let them appear as a perfect and immaculate family, with a well education, behavior and a mother who is a successfull politician. However she never thought about how her daughters might feel about their lifestyle and that’s ย for me a terrible mother.

I liked to read that story and I hadn’t any problems to get into it. I just was a little bit disappointed that there wasn’t happening something big, respectively something more dramatically than the actual situation at the end.

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