What’s about ? 

At 22 years old, Sydney goes her own way of life: with her best friend Tori she shares an apartement, she’s in love with her boyfriend Hunter, going to college and having a pleasent job. Nothing can ruin her life right now exept that Hunter cheated on her with her bestie and she’s forced to move out.

Homeless and alone she finds herself at the apartment of her attractive neighbor Ridge. Insecure she trust the boy after only two weeks of really knowing him and builds up an special friendship with him. Their passionate love for music connects them creating a world they dive into every time Ridge plays his guitar in a peculiar way and Sydney creates the lyrics for their melody. By and by this friendship becomes more intensive and they find themselves soon between love, betrayal and finding the right way on between.

My opinion: 

We get to know this story from two different point of views: Sydneys and Ridges. Sydney is a strong young woman who knows what she is doing with her life and has even the courage to refuse against her parents decisions regarding her education. I really liked this about her character and was pretty satisfied seeing her prod of what she has reached till now.

Sure, Hunter and Tori are assholes (sorry for my expression, but it’s true !) but thank God this betrayal led Sydnbey and Ridge to each other. Now we would think it’s a normal love story with some drama in it and at the end they end up in a relationship. But only the Queen of writng amazing dramatic stories knows how to make this story special.

I would really like to tell you the mind-blowing part about Ridge, which we learn to know quite at the first third of the book, but I tend not to because I want you to read it by yourselves. Only CoHo knows how to smash up two contrasting subjects into one story and she teaches us how to see the world from another point of view.

This book has everything: humor, comedy, love and characters you never want to forget. (As in my ways 😉 )

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