What’s about ? 

Shadow Falls Camp isn’t really a normal camp for teenagers. From the outside it’s maybe a camp for criminals, but from the inside there are living all mysterious creatures which exist on the world like witches, fairies, werewolves or shapeshifters. All of them are learning there to contol their abillities and trying to find the answers to their questions.

For Kylie this camp shouldn’t be real… or let’s say she doesn’t want let it being real. Because that’s where she is right now. Stuck in this camp with all these freaks for two whole months. As if she hasn’t other real problems: her parents are getting a divorce, her boyfriend broke up with her, her Grandma died and somehow there is this soldier who is stalking her now for a long time.

How does Kylie should belong to this camp ? Exept being the only one who can see the soldier she is totally normal. Right ? And why would it be so bad being someting else than a human?

My opinion: 

First at all I want to say that’s exactly a book I needed right now ! I’ve read lately so many Young / New Adult books and I totaly missed this whole Fantasy/ Paranormal genre. The story itself I enjoyed reading. Sure there is some drama with her boyfriend and her ruthless mother but thank God it’s not too much of it like in the “House of Night” series which is often compared to this one.

By the way, this whole concept of a camp somewhere in nowhere reminded me a lot of the “Percy Jackson” series and I loved to read during the last summer. And Kylie’s ghost visions ? It’s like I read a new scene of the TV series “Ghost Whisperer”. (which I hope you know, if not I highly recommend to watch 😉 )

The main two reasons you keep reading this book  are: first you want to know who this ghost-guy actually is and second, (I hope it’s not really a spoiler), you’re curious to know what Kylie really is. For me these two reasons why I kept reading it weren’t the only one. I absolutely wanted to know what does her parents have got to do with this whole situation and somehow you find it out at the end but I’m somehow I’m still sceptical if it’s really the truth.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and please don’t forget to rate this it at the begining of this post ! ♥ For questions just comment below 🙂