What’s about ? 

After this horrible moment two years ago Maggie decide not to talk anymore. To anyone. It’s her shield to protect herself avoiding every confrontation with her past again. No one should ever ask her anything again what her Dad did to her Mom. Moving to her uncle and aunt seems like a good decision to come back to life somehow but what she hasn’t expected was meeting someone who will change her completely and get her out of her bubble.

West is one of the famous football players in Lawton. Everyone loves him, especially the girls. He seems like he could manage everything. But one thing he can’t manage: his father is dying and with him West’s whole life. Behind his spotless facade, he’s breaking down mentally. He doesn’t know how to get through this bad time until he meets Maggie and gets hope again.

My opinion: 

I was really glad that this story wasn’t that kind of story where two persons get incredibly in love with each other at first sight and have this stereotypical drama love books are mostly about. I’ve read lately many dramatic books where one of the protagonists had any kind of a connection with death. That’s why I had already at the beginning an idea what could have happened to Maggie that brought her to a condition like hers.

I totally liked how we could see through Wests tragic family situation how important it is for seriously ill people to have beloved people around and how much relatives really suffer during situations like these. Nevertheless I didn’t like how West handled this situation. He slept with other girls just to “forget the situation at home for a moment” and got drunk on every party he was. But the worst thing was that he never actually talked with anyone about his fathers dying. Not even with his best friend he knows since forever.

All in all I enyojed reading how Maggie and West help each other out of their miserable circumstances and cared for each other when noboday else did. ( Also when it was their own fault that nobody really cared, because nobody really knew…)

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