What’s about ? 

Ben and Fallon meet for the first time at the age of 18 at a restaurant. It’s Fallons last day in L.A. and although they’re completely strangers to each other they decide to spend the day together. Nowing they won’t see each other again they conclude to meet at the same day every year. Fallons feels to be loved and really important to someone again after two years and after her worst day of her life which changed everything.

This day isn’t only for Fallon one of the best and worst days.Bens past is hunting him year for year and he tries to make up for it every times he sees her. Time passes and Fallon query Bens affection for her: Does his love for her is based on true feelings or does he just created a heartbreaking plot for his upcoming novel ?

My opinion: 

Falling in love after seeing each other only once a YEAR seems absolutely impossible. But in books everything is possible and that’s how Colleen Hoover could write again a wonderful and dramatic story for us which takes all of our heart and can’t let us go. Fallon O’Neil is a strong character who we meet at the age of 18 and who we follow along the years and see her grow up. She shows us that scars, visible or invisible, don’t need to affect our life forever and that we can change that everyday.

Not only we see Fallon growing up but also Ben. Ben is  a writer which isn’t quite the most typical hobby for a boy and that’s already my number one reason why I like him ! He knows how to deal with words also when it’s difficult for him to do it beside on a paper.  I tried to imagine how their actually two different lifes could be connected into some dramatic point and than BOOM ! That plot twist !!! I was angry at ben, felt more sorry for Fallonn and still hoped to get an happy anding.

I don’t know whether you’ve read also “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover (you can check out my review for it as well 😉 )but if so you may have noticed that Tate and Miles appear in that book and I was just: omg whaat??! I didn’t realize at first that Ian is Bens brother although it should have been obviously because Ian is a pilot. And his name is Ian.

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