What’s about ? 

Tate Collins just moved to her brother in San Francisco when she meets Miles Archer in front of her apartment. Tate isn’t really in the mood for a real relationship after her last and so isn’t Miles. Still they’re having a mutual physical attraction, so that leaves just the sex. In this relationship Tate only needs to follow two rules Miles had give to her: never ask about the past and don’t expect a future.

Everthing seems fine with this agreement but Miles behavior changes through the time. Tate is unsure how to continue with their relationshop: does there isn’t really any possible future for them together ? And which secret Miles is hiding form her ? She thinks she could handle her emotions but things change and the ugly love takes over their relationship from Miles past.

My opinion: 

Honestly that’s my second CoHo book (my first was Hopeless ) and I knew already before this woman can write books. Really, really great books! That’s one of my first books where the main character isn’t younger than me or has quite the same age. I really liked how Colleen wrote this book and switched after every chapter to Miles’ or Tates POV and how she coordinated these actually two different stories to one. The image of Miles suprised be at all at most.

Miles is this guy who is a pilot and who do you think is the tough and very muscular guy next door who can fix and manage everything. But throught his behavior around other people like his friends, you can see that Miles isn’t at all like that. Because Colleen switched after every second chapter to Miles POV six year earlier ,we learn to know him better and what his reasons are for his, in Tate’s opinion, strange behavior.

I knew Miles secret would be sad, but his secret wasn’t only sad. It broke my heart and made me totally speechless.. 😦  I’m really glad that they’re making this book into a movie ! Nick bateman will play Miles Archer and I’m super excited when they announce the actress who will play Tate.

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