What’s about ? 
The mission was about to save Bethany and getting out as fast as possible. But being caught wasn’t a part of it. And being caught by Daedalus isn’t funny. Not in the least. Katy needs to face her worst imaginable enemy and get through terryfing stress tests, how they call them. Fighting against other Hybrids Katy gets to know the whole world of Daedalus’ many secrets and finds out they aren’t as bad as they actually assumed.

While Katy tries to make her time with Daedalus as bearble as possible Daemon wants to do anything to get her out of there. Being without her after just a few hours almost destroy him. But how should he help her ? Going alone to a place with hundrets of Arums and the whole DoD is like having a death wish. There is only one solution: he needs to turn himself in.

Together they are strong, but what happens when something really bad gets between them ? Which side wil they take ?

My opinion: 

If someone had told me that this book contains the words Area 51, marriage, babies, Las vegas and dangerous little boys I would have laughed at him. I won’t tell you again how much I love this story and Jennifer’s writing. (Ups, I did it again ! 😀 ) I don’t know whether you have the same opinion as I have but when I read books, especially science-fiction or fantasy books, I haven’t such a strong feeling that this story could take place in our real world, apart from the fact that it’s an invented story. 😉

Whenever the author include some “normal” people who aren’t a part of this secret and mystrious  world, this whole thing gets totally real !!! Confronting Aliens with civilians especially in Las vegas isn’t just as shocking as it sounds. It’s thrilling, heartbreaking and amazing. I’m super excited how this stroy is going on in “Opposition”, I’m eager to know it ! However, did you see that cover ? It absolutely doesn’t match with the others. Urg, that’s getting on my nerves.

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