What’s about ? 

Madeline Whittier never left her house in 18 years.Never. Not because she didn’t want to, she’s sick. Allergic to the world. Everything outside, every germ, could kill her every second and her mother does everything to protect her.Besides with her mother,her nurse Carla and her teacher she never had any other physical contact with other people. Till she meets Olly.Carla told her once that love can’t kill her. Is that really truth?

My opinion: 

Fisrt at all my description of the book is really short because the book its-self isn’t really long and if I would tell you more about it, I would need to tell you the whole story. 😉 This book was a really quick and enjoyable read. When I started reading this book, I didn’t even know that this disease really exists ! I was shocked and suprised at once because through Maddie I could see how a person can actually live with this disease and not think always negative.

Furthermore all these illustrations inside the book were such cute and adorable (wait, isn’t that the same ?) ! There were actually only many liitle drawings but they meant everything in this tory and you can absolutely understood what NIcola Yoon wants to say with it.

This may be now a small spoiler (so skip this part if you dont want to know nothing!!!), but I absolutely hate her mother ! I can’t believe she did this and I think it’s better to stop talking/writing now or I would tell you what I mean by this. 😀

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