What’s about ? 

Dawson is alive. He’s alive and everything seems to be better. But he’s not the same anymore: after all this years with torture from Daedalus he changed and the only thing which keeps him alive is to save Bethany. Everyone knows that going to Mount Weather would not be such easy and to bungle into probably one of the safest buildings in West Virginia is like walking straight into a trap. Nevertheless Katy and her friends try their best to help Dawson knowing he would go alone after Beth if not.

Suddenly Blake appears back in town and after he has betrayed Katy and her friends, Katy is on the verge of killing him immediately. But he convinces her not to after promising her to help them to get Bethany out of Mount Weather. Doubting to trust him or not, they decide to believe him, knowing it’s a huge risk.

My opinion:


I never believed that this story could be better because I already loved it so much. But it could. And it is. Katy and Daemon got finally together and they are soo cute ! I’ve enjoyed reading every moment they spent together and reading it throught Katy’s AND Daemons point of view was just amazing.

I stil hate Blake and I’ll hate him forever. I knew Daemon and Katy would regret letting Blake go and not killing him and now you see what happens when you do these kind of things. From the first moment he promised Katy to help her and her friends, I already suspected something really, really bad and he did it again. He. Betrayed. Them. AGAIN. You don’t know how much I freaked out about this (and I really wish nobody saw me in that moment 😀 ).

What broke my heart even more was Dee’s and Katy’s friendship. I understand why Dee hates Katy so much and maybe it is kind of Katy’s fault that Adam died but Dee also needs to understand why Katy hasn’t told them everything about her and Daemon and thr Departement of Defense.

And guys, that ending ! THAT ENDING ! I trembled reading the last few chapter of the book where they got into Mount Weather (for the secind time by the way 😛 ), and I was almost thrilled that they got it out without any huge complications. And than it happend.

Daemons words got stuck in my had:

I love you Katy.  Always have. Always will. – Daemon Black

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