What’s about ? 

Because Daemon saved Katy in his truth alien form, Katy isn’t just glowing as always, they are having now a strong bond which stays forever. Knowing always when the other is around Katy and Daemon spend much more time together, although she still tries to hate him what becomes quite difficult to do. After the last Arum got eliminated they thought the worst is now over but a mysterious guy comes new to town and with him a much worse enemy.

The Departement of Defense appears and they are keeping an eye on Katy and Daemon. Katy discovers one of the worst secrets which the DOD keeps from all of them. What happend really to Daemon’s borther Dawson and his girlfriend  ? Who do you can still trust ?

My opinion: 

This book totally got me! If I should describe this book with three words, I would say it’s excited, awesome and space-tastic! I love Jennifer Armentrout’s writing style and how Daemon’s and Katy’s relationship developed. All the feels guys ! AAhhh !  I sometimes pictured myself as Katy (I’m sry if this sounds selfish :D) but we have so much in common and I totally adore her character. But my number one character is still Daemon of course. 😉

[small SPOILER ]

Everything in this book is just PERFECT ! I would like to tell you so much about this book but I don’t wanna spoiler you, so I’ll say just two things: I hate, hate, HATE Blake sooo much, if he would be real he really don’t want to meet me and the second thing is…


… Dawson will come back .

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