What’s about ? 

Katys Mom thought moving to West Virginia would be a great idea to get a fresh start after her Dad died three years ago. What Katy didn’t know when she agreed moving next to an Alien isn’t always the best idea also when he seems like the hottest Alien on the world.

Daemon Black is arrogant, nasty and totally infuriating. He and his sister are from planet Lux which is many galaxies away from ours. Controlling the light, fire and time they are much superior to all humans. After saving Katy from an attack by a stranger he and his family are in danger. Just like Katy. Enemies from another galaxy tries to kill them and all Luxen around, just to get their abilities and it’s not really an advantage that Katy is glowing like the brightest light in the galaxy.

My opinion: 

I expected an awesome book and got it. Just ten times better. Besides “The 5th Wave” by Rick Yancey I’ve never read another alien based book and I’ve heard so many good things about this book, I needed to read it. Katy became one of my favorite protagonists ever. She isn’t that kind of girl who changes her mood every two seconds and becomes really annoyed through the story. She’s a tough girl with an obsession with books like all of us and I quite recognize myself in her somehow, who else ? 😉

And I think everyone who has read ‘Obsidian’ already knows how hot and perfect Daemon just is! I know it’s a totally stereotype: girl moves to a small town, nobody knows about and somehow she meets the cutest boy in the whole town. But I like these kinds of stories and by the way, just to mention, he’s not really a ‘boy’. 😉  But a few times I could really slap him across his face because of his behaviour in a few scenes! 😐

Furthermore I really liked how Kat’s and Daemon’s relationship developed through the book. Katy wasn’t that kind of girl who had a crush on him from the fist moment she saw him. Okaaay, actualy yes but she was /is strong enough to suppress her feelings toward him, especially because she new what happened to Dawson. (Reader will know 🙂 )


One more thing I wanna mention are their abilities. I mean, aren’t they awesome ? Mostly people  represent aliens like some ugly green monsters who wanna eat our brains ! (hahaha maybe I’m a liitle bit overreacting 😀 ) But  consisting only of light, controlling the time (somehow)and fire and being quite of really fast are in my opinion really, really awesome abilities.

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