What’s about ? 

Dorian is pleased when he was given a warm welcome at a house where he can live in with food, clothes and school lessons for free. Actually that’s not really astonishing but when you’re living for months on the street because your father has an inclination towards violence and one day you’re waking up suddenly beside a dead guy who was killed with your penknife this seems like heaven.

But nothing is for free: Dorian needs to deliver small giveaways to strangers without letting them know from whom. This doesn’t really seems strange but after Dorian kept one of the packages for himself he’s on the run through the whole city from people who wanna see him dead because of first unknown reasons.

My opinion: 

I can’t remember the last time I’ve read a thriller but I’m glad that this book is one of the good ones. I hadn’t had really any expectations of the book because I’ve heard many good and a few bad things about it that’s why I was really surprised when I’ve read it. Dorian is the same age like me what was easy for me to put myself in his position. First I thought the story is about a homeless boy who just gets new friends and a second chance in his life. But it’s much better than this.


These special glasses he carries the whole time are one of the best ideas ever. Furthermore these suspense through the whole story was really good written: always when you think it gets bored now, something happens what gets you back into the story. There are a few scenes which have quite of a science-fiction touch, if you know what I mean, which made the story much better. I was totally flashed at the big final when everything came out why he needed to deliver these giveaways and who really was the bad guy !

There aren’t so many books where I would really like to take the characters out of the book and knock him down ! Okay, maybe I was too much into the story but hey, who hasn’t had a moment like this ?  😀  All in all there are only a few small things I didn’t really like in the book, but I can’t really mention them so I would give you a huge spoiler 😉

Stay excited for a thriller with a few dystrophian elements !