What’s about ? 

Imagine a world where is no coincidence in everyones life and where everything is already planed through scientifically facts. Officials watch you every day: they tell you what to eat, what to wear or where to work.When Cassia Reyes turns 17 she needs to go through the Matching ceremony to get to know her perfect mate for her whole life.

She is really glad to find out that it’s Xander, one of her best friends and everything seems just right to her. But when she wants to find out more about him she doesn’t see him on the screen: she sees Ky. She changes and suddenly she has one’s doubt about her society: how does can happen such a dreadful mistake to such a perfect society ? And why she can’t actually make her own choices in life ?

Her whole life others told her how to act but now it changes. She takes an dangerous path in her life which could destroy her, her family and maybe the whole society.

My opinion: 

I really like the dystrophian world in the story because it shows us what we should have to give up only to have the best for our life and society.
But the best for our life isn’t always the best for ourselves and that’s one of the things what I like about this book. Furthermore I really like Cassia because through her we can see really well how this society has full control of everyone since the beginning.

I don’t know if you’ve read “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer, but this whole thing with the officials reminds me about it and that why I always imagined Diane Krüger as one of Cassias officials. (Everyone who has read the book I think knows who I mean 😉 )

Only her love story with Xander and Ky didn’t catched me really. I’m not sure why but I had that feeling that something was missing but I’m not sure what. At the beginning I liked Xander more than Ky because he was such an model made and Cassias and his story just seemed even perfect than possible. That moment when Ky got into the story I became curious about him.

Ally Condie never wrote directly what Ky has been through in his life but this side of him totally caught me and that’s how I liked Ky more and more. But at the end it got really interesting and that’s why I’ll definitely read the second book one day. ( I absolutely want to know what will happen with Ky and how Cassia will try to save him ! 😉 )