What’s about ? 

Molly Barrow is back in Star Lake from her boarding school for the next 99 days before she can finally leave this city for college. This city remember her how she destroyed her wonderful relationship with Patrick Donnelly with his brother Gabe and how her mother turned her love life into a bestseller for everyone to read.

She tries to survive this summer with a new job at the citys lodge and a few new friends but she can’t get past the Donnelly brothers and their family, especially Julia who was once one of her best friends and hates her now the most. The last thing she wants to do is to repeat this story again but it seems like it’s already happening.

My opinion: 

I begun to read this book with excitement because it was written such mysterious and I absolutely wanted to know what could be so terrible that everyone hates her. This story remembered me through their character names much on After by Anna Todd, especially Tess who has red hair and on Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.
I suspected already at the beginning of the story what Molly could have done with Gabe to hurt Patrick’s feelings for her but everyone in this book hate her so much I thought there would be a much bigger secret. Molly is a girl who still doesn’t know what to do after school. Her mother adopted her when she was still a baby but she spent most time of her childhood with the Donnelly family.

This book is really easily written and good to understand also for not native english speaker (like me 😉 )  Unfortunately there wasn’t a real highlight in the story which I expected the whole time but if you need a book to get out of a reading slump, this book is definitely a good choice.

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