What’s about ?

Sky’s life went a little bit different than the life of other teenager: she had never a smartphone, a TV or any contact with technological things in general, and just because her mother says thats the best for her and these things would make the people lazy and dumb. But Sky always knew that her mother is quite strange but she never complained about her. Furthermore she was never on a real high school. That’s the only thing she can’t understand why and so she persuade her mother finally to visit a high school where also her best friend Six is.

Sky and Six are having a bad reputation around: they call them bitches because they meet boys by night at their houses. But the thing is that Sky never went on than kissing and also when she kiss a boy, she has never this ‘butterflies in her stomach’ feeling.

But this changes when she meets Holder. At the begining Holder seems quite strange and Sky doesn’t want something to do with him. Nevertheless her feelings changes with every time when she sees him and during the next few months not only her love life changes.

She could never have guessed how her whole life would change and which secrets she would find out about her forgotten childgood.

My opinion:

With every flashback my foreboding became true and every time I hoped it wouldn’t come true. This book isn’t only about Sky and Holder, it’s more than that. When my forbonding became true, I sat on the couch with my mouth open and shocked for a few minutes. I loved every page and every sentence of this book and I will never ever forget it in my life.

Colleen Hoover wrote such a beautiful story nobody could guess the plot really. My first thoughts about Holder were that he’s this kind of boy who are a badass, acts cool in every situation. So I was really surprised when it turned out that Holder isn’t that kind of boy and that he really care about his future life and that he can show his feeling also to other.

About Sky I have two different opinions: I felt really sorry for her because of her really bad childhood and I can understand how she could suppress this memories. I also really like the friendship between her and Six. They are two such different characters but they complement one another in every way.

After I’ve finished this book I had a similar feeling like after I’ve finished ‘Elenor and Park’ by Rainbow Rowell. I can’t understand how people can do such things to other. They can destroy the life of others psychological and they will maybe never get over this bad part of their life. But unfortunately these people excist all over the world and we need try to help the victims as much as possible or make it that these things never happen again. (I wish I could tell you what, but then I would tell you the key point of this book ๐Ÿ˜‰ )