What’s about ?

Jude and Noah are twins hardly to seperate. She had the talking part for both of them when they were younger because Noah was some shy. They did everything together and nobody could imagine them doing something alone. Only at the age of 13, Juda starts to change her personality and doing something more with her ne friend who she learns to met at school.

Noah can’t understand his sister and feels really alone soon. That why he becomes happier when they got new neigbours and he meets Brian. Brian seems a little bit strange but he and Noah get alonge together and comes each other more and more closer.

But once, everything change for Jude and Noah…

Three years later, Jude visits an art school which was also one of Noahs dream school but he didn’t get into it. By the way Jude and Noah almost don’t talk to each other anymore. Noah starts to make dangerous things and Jude takes care of him secrectly. In adition of that, Jude meets a boy who she thinks she has seem him already somewhere, but where ?

And what happend to Jude and Noah in their actually inseperable life ?

My opinion:ย 

First I need to admit that it was really, really hard for me to get into that book. I’ve read only a few pages and couldn’t read on anymore because it annoyed me too much. I don’t wanna say that Jandy Nelson is a bad writer but at the beginning they were talking just about art and that why I have this opinion.

But I became really happy when the story became more excited and I learned to know the characters more in detail. Furthermore I absolutely liked how Jandy Nelson combined this dramatic story line with a kind of like a thriller.With all this many secrets which appears in this book I wanted to know the truth behind it and mostly I was really shoked because of what they did to each other.

This book is also more like a knid of a psychological book. It shows others how to get closer again to people who you have neglect or just talked less in time because of stupid disagreements. I coulf tell you know more about the book but then I would tell you many of the key points which makes this book in his own way special and wonderful….