What’s about ?

Simon Spier is gay and wanna nothing badly more than keep this a secret. With his friends Nick and Abby he’s doing everything together but he never shared his secret with them. Especially not that secret, that he chatts with another gay guy called Blue who he doesn’t know. The only thing he know is that they are living in the same city.

Actually Simon never uses public computers but he couldn’t wait to get home on his laptop to check Blues response to one of his mails. Thereafter Marty Addison talks to him and says that he’s read his mail. Simon forgot to log out of his Gmail account and that how Marty finds out one of Simons secrets.

For Simon a world is breaking apart because with Blue he can talk about all his problems and everything he wanna talk about. If Marty would tell this secret all around, Simon doesn’t know what this would mean for him and Blue…

My opinion:

I love this book. But I need to admit that I hadn’t that opinion already at the beginning of this story. I mean, you know, actually it takes a few pages or chapters till you get to the scene where this book actually begins.But here it starts abruptly at key point of the story. I knew this book isn’t that big and I wasn’t expecting such huge things but Becky Albertalli wrote a wonderful story how a coming out could happen.

I’ve read only one book before with a gay protagonist,(Will Grayson, Will Grayson- John Green/ David Levithan) and I saw that so many are reading this book, that why I wanted to read it to and make my own opinion about it. Sometimes I was confused about Simon.


Sure he thought that Marty is blackmailing him because of his secret and he was scared that everone would know. But Marty never said that he would tell his secret around if he wouldn’t do him his favour. But I relly like the emails between Simon and Blue. They are writing liek they would know each other for years with every email their cutness grows.

I think it’s also a good read for straight people because so they could see how it’s on the other side of this theme and that it isn’t that easy for gay people in this world. I saw or heard already many stories about how a coming out is phisical and mental really hard for the person.

We are all people. It doesn’t care if black or white. If straight or gay. If handicaped or not.ย We are all people on this world. All equal.