I think many of you (or all of you 😉 ) know about the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth. But for them who haven’t read this series yet, I wanna try to convince  you to read this amazing book series written by an amazing woman. I totally adore this book series and I know not everyone is sharing the same opinion like me but I hope through this post you’ll be excited to know how Beatrice Priors story goes on…. 🙂

What’s about ?

Chicago in the future. The people are divided into five categories or factions, to maintain the society. There are Erudite – the intelligent, Dauntless– the fearless, Amity– the peaceful, Candor– the honest and Abnegation– the selfless.

When children reach the age of 16, they need to drink a serum and make a psychological test to find out in which facton they better belong to. Despite of that the teenagers are still having free choice which faction they’ll choose on the Choosing Cermony.

Beatrice ‘Tris’  Prior needs to go through this whole process like her brother Caleb and every other 16 year old teenager. She has absolutley no idea what she should do now:

she’s born into Abnegation, but she feels totaly unconfortable there but she is also afraid to choose another faction because in conclusion she would need to leave her family forever. Despite of that she choose Dauntless where she needs to jump of high skycreapers or fight against the other initiates.

In addition of that one faction is absolutely not satisfied with the goverment and how things are running there. That’s why they try to overthrow the society and in all of this chaos Beatrice is in the middle of it.

More books:

If you’ve read the first book of the trilogy, you’re sure excited to know how the main male protagonist Four Eaton experience this action packed story. You can read it in the book “Four: A Divergent collection” by Veronica Roth.41g0p4grnbl-_sy344_bo1204203200_

She hasn’t written the whole story again just of his perspective, she has written many important scenes e.g. how he met Tris for the first time.

But this book contains mostly the story of Four’s life before he became a Dauntless leader.

20150605_184017And for everyone who want to know more about the world of Divergent. can buy this book on the left picture: it’s called ”Inside Divergent: the Initiates World”.

In it there are many informations about every omportant character, the factions and the whole world which Veronica Roth has created.

For more questions about the books just comment below and if you want tell me about your opinion of these books.