What’s about ?

It’s the big final of this trilogy and the gods of the Olympus are released and they are more than angry. A second Trojan war is actually unavoidable but Helen needs to find out what she needs to prevent it yet.

Furthermore this isn’t Helen’s only problem: her friends started to distrust her and she needs to get their trust and support now even more before the gods wanna destroy the whole Scions on the world and enslave the people.

My opinion:

This is my absolute new favorite trilogy ever. If you think this is just another trilogy with a love trilogy in it and many annoying drama scenes, let me say: it’s not.

At the beginning of these books I didn’t know almost nothing about the Greek mythology and I was a little bit scared that I wouldn’t understand anything. So I started these books as my friend forced me to buy the first book and thank god I did !

These books don’t contents only a love story, it’s full packed with a lot of action and many dramatic parts. (In a positive way. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Helens character really surprised me. At first I thought she that kind of girl who just thinks on themself and than suddenly something strange happens in her life and there wil be now just more and more complications.

But Helen has a really strong character and knows how to handle with problems. In addition I love how her relationship develops with Orion and of course Mr. Super-Hot Lucas.

All in all this is a perfect trilogy with a wonderful story and perfect characters.