Whats about ?

The 18- year old Eadlyn Schreave is born as a twin and as the future queen of Illéa. With her twin Ahren, her two little brothers Kaden and Osten and with her parents, Eadlyn is living in the best life situation everone can dream about. Twenty years ago her parents have been started to abolish the castes so everyone would have the same rights and rules.

Despite of that there are some people who still aren’t settle for that and they are protesting against the whole monarchy. As a distraction they create a new selection for Eadlyn who can find now her happily ever after under 35 suitors. She heard already many stories about her parents love story and has found their story romantic but she never believed that this would work and end up in a relationship like her parents.

But is she really right ?

My opinion:

First I need to say that I’ve of course read already the first three books in the series and I’m a totally crazy lover of them. So of course I was freaking excited to get this book finally and to hold it in my hands. I finished it through four days and ended up in my bed with many tears in my eyes.

Eadlyn is born in a world where she always gets whatever she wants and as the only girl in family of course she gets it. She is a little bit afraid of being the future queen of Illéa and seems to me like a little girl who can’t stands up alone without her family who is always supporting her.

Besides of that I’m ‘fangirling’ everytime when America, Maxon, Aspen or someone else of the last thrre books appears  in that story. I mean, we got to know them all as they were at the age of 16 or 18 and now they are twenty years older and still the same persons but they have grown up and are more mature. Furthermore it’s fascinating how in love America and Maxon still are and my heart is beating more and more because of their cuteness everytime !

In addition I can say that the relationship between Eadlyn and her twin brother Ahren really surprised me. They are telling each other everything and in every difficult situation Eadlyn knows she can count on her ‘little’ brother. Thats also why I cried during the last two chapters. I wish I could tell you why I cried, but then I would need to spoiler what would happen at the end…

All in all Kiera Cass has written again a wonderful sequel to the series and I totally can’t wait to have finally the last book as my own