Whats about ?

It’s the second book in the Starcrossed trilogy and Helen Hamilton needs to do a huge task which can rescue the whole world…

Helen is the descender and the only peson who can descend to Hades trying to stop the cycle of revenge that has cursed the family. After night by night she is looking worse and is growing weaker and weaker. So she is even more happier as she finally meets new scion there: Orion Evander comes to her rescue and is trying to find with Helen a solution of their all problem.

Besides of that; Helen is having also a real problem in reality: it came out that Lucas Delos is her cousin and thats why she could never be with him in a relatioship. Both of them can’t are first trying to get out of each others way, but they know this won’t rest like this forever.

And as this isn’t even the worst: bad forces are taking advanges of Helens mission and a new Trojan war is almost unavoidable !

My opinion:

Maybe many of you are thinking now that this is again a typical triangle love strory with much drama and maybe a boring storyline. But let me say: NO IT ISN’T . It’s a totally amazing way to combinate Greek mythology and a fictional story in one book, how Josephine Angelini did.

I already knew from the first book that the Greek mythology story and facts are a little bit hard to understand. Thats why I became even more confused with so many new facts to understand. But the more I’ve read this book, the more I got into the story and understood the whole context of it.

One thing what surprised me and I wasn’t expecting so much in this book was that there are so many action packed scenes. I thought there would be of course a few small action scenes and more love, drama or normal, for example, school scenes. So I wasn’t expecting this all and in comination with all emotions it’s a amazinlgy written book.


Last but not least I wanna say one more thing: Helen and Lucas nearly killed me with their love story. The whole time when they wanna kiss each other or do somthing else together, they remember that they are cousins and they can’t do nothing together what ha do to with a relationship. Ever time when this happened in the book I thought:  ARE YOU KIDDING ???!!! YOU ARE NOT COUSINS SO FINALLY KISS EACH OTHER !

I hope I didn’t tell you too much and let me know if you liked this review with the rating at the top and wheather you’ve already read the book or not below in the poll.