What’s about ?

Eleanor Douglas. She’s the new girl in town with her crazy clothing and her chaotic family. With her huge curly red hair she’s always an eye catcher, also when she wanna be invisible. She got kicked out a year ago and is now back at home, which wasn’t really the best idea maybe.

Park Sherdian. He’s the Asian boy at school whose dream it is to have finally a drivers licence, so he can finally drive to school alone with his car and doesn’t need to take the school bus every day. He likes punk music and reading comics.

Both wanna be invisible to the others at school and in the bus but to each other they are more than that. They both fall in love for the first time in their lives and as outsiders at school it is always easy for them but they don’t care about them and just have eyes for each other.

If there wouldn’t be just Eleanor’s bad stepdad Richie…


My opinion:

Emotional and real. The first two words which comes up first to my mind when I think about this book. Eleanors and Parks relationship isn’t such as romantic as other love books but it’s more special and more real than other stories. It begins with these little things like bringing comics to the bus so they can read them together and making tapes for each other.

It’s also not that they are both looking topmodels, especially Eleanor who eats a little bit more others and who’s bullied by the others because of her body.For Park this all is much easier than for Eleanor because of her stepdad. I felt often so sorry for Eleanor because of her bad and aweful family situation.

This book shows us how domestic and child abuse and bullying are combined into just one life and what this can make of a person. These themes you can’t just over read or ignore. It’s important to help people like Eleanor, if you notice thats there are some clues which point out to violence at home or bulying at school.

To sum up, it’s a perfect book about problems and enjoyment and it’s a easy read. It’s also absolutly not suitable for younger readers, which it also says on the back of the book because of the many swearwords in it.